clicMONITOR and the Enerclic world

clicMONITOR is a manufacturer of CcM equipment specialized in Submetering and communications. clicMonitor belongs to the enerclic group of companies based in Spain. It is a company within the electrical energy sector, especially renewables and energy efficiency for IoT solutions. Its philosophy and products are based on the emergence of new energy and/or electrical challenges, the desire to overcome them and the intention to make an important contribution to the intelligent measure to combat climate change. Within it are included 6 companies in the energy sector with offices and delegations throughout Spain, a workforce of more than 250 workers and the same goals and common interests.

What is clicMONITOR?

In clicMONITOR we design and manufacture electrical energy measurement and communications equipment with non-invasive design or RETROFIT. We are focused on providing intelligent measurement and communications solutions for the electrical sector. We manufacture the most accurate home metering equipment in the market and the most compact NBIoT communications module. This device was created to meet the needs of real-time electrical measurement and remote management through software and web solutions. The company currently has a team of 30 engineers specialized in energy measurement, solutions Scada WEB in constant evolution and customization, microelectronics design, advanced supervision center approved by REE and more than 15 years of experience in the energy sector.

Our main objective has remained the same since our inception:

Full customer satisfaction. Being able to solve your problems as part of our added value in the energy sector.

Our history

  • 2006

    Logo Monsol

    Enerclic's origins date back to 2006 under the Monsol Electronics brand, one of the oldest companies in Europe in the renewable energy sector.

  • 2010

    Control Center

    We implement Hardware solutions in power generation by regulating power in Inverters and sending to REE the instantaneous power (TTR) with the service of Control Center approved by REE.

  • 2014

    New locations

    We opened offices in the Czech Republic and South Africa linked to new photovoltaic markets and proven solutions.

  • 2018

    We created the company Energy CcM (currently clicMONITOR), manufacturer of electrical measurement electronics.

  • 2020

    Logo Enerclic

    With enerclic the share capital is increased with new partners to face the future challenges and internationalization of the business. The new company includes 7 companies in the energy sector with offices and delegations throughout Spain, a workforce of more than 250 employees and the same common goals and interests. In 2021 Enerclic is created as a brand and corporate vehicle for all partners.

  • 2021

    We created MONSOLclic (SCADA Integrator). This brand articulates our integrated energy monitoring services (software, hardware, implementation, etc).

  • 2021

    Energy CcM is reborn as the clicMONITOR brand. Its activity is focused on the development and manufacture of measurement hardware.

Calle Elena Soriano, 7
CP: 29006 – Málaga, España
Tlf: (+34) 952 02 05 80 (Centralita)
(+34) 670 770 697 (Móvil)