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Principal Energy Meter

These Smart Meter devices are network analyzers that measure all electrical parameters of the installation, from basic values (current and voltage) to more complex values (harmonics and energies). They have an accuracy of over 99% in energy, measuring 4,000 times per second and delivering the average every second. Their design is patented and this patent allows them to be connected directly through the protruding comb, in series to the current flow, which gives them the highest accuracy in the market for this type of commercial meter and submetering applications as well as self-powering. They communicate with each other making a mesh of measurement points through a RS-485 cable under MODBUS protocol which makes them compatible with any other system.

Current Meters (Secondary)

These Smart Meter devices measure alternating or direct current. They measure with an error of less than 1% over full scale. The Acc current CcM devices (CcM1-C and CcM3-C) are linked to the energy meters (main CcM) they feed and interrogate. They are designed to complete the measurement points grid with complementary values to the main measurement. The DC CcMs are designed to meet the needs of the solar photovoltaic sector and are used to measure series of panels.


These devices are housed in the main devices, giving them WiFi connectivity and other extra functionalities such as converting them into meters, switching on and off relays and temperature measurement, increasing the possibilities and their versatility in order to provide solutions to our customers. Its objective is to cover practically all the energy needs of a business, both analysis (passive) and action (active).

Smartloggers y Gateways

These devices act as a general master and/or measurement concentrator that facilitates the acquisition of data from the rest of the CcM devices, stores and sends the information to the Internet.

The CcMaster is an intelligent PLC auto configurable by the user to incorporate our equipment or more than 400 equipments of other brands, act on relays or power regulators and send or receive the data obtained by multiple ways under MQTT protocol.

The CcM Combox is an industrial computer with a high processing and action capacity that allows the development of high-level industrial applications. These computers operate in a Linux environment and must be configured by experts. Its utility is multiple and "ad hoc".

Zero discharge and PPC

La función de Vertido “0” impide volcar energía en la Red eléctrica por parte de los generadores de energía (Inversores Fotovoltaicos) y nuestros equipos leen y regulan dichos inversores para que la energía que proveen sea siempre inferior a la demanda. Este proceso tan exigente esta certificado para diversas marcas en concreto y para cualquier otra marca bajo un ensayo general del sistema.

PPC (Power Plant Controller) is the use of our equipment, performing an intelligent power regulation function for photovoltaic plants with multiple inverters that requires acting intelligently and in unison in all inverters with respect to a command or setpoint sent by the grid operator to prevent energy from being dumped into the overall system or autonomously based on multiple parameters and measurements.

Complies with current zero discharge safety regulations.

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