CcMaster PRO

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Intelligent concentrator CcMaster PRO Version to provide connectivity.

The CcMaster is a smart multi-device concentrator designed to provide up to six possible connectivity solutions: NBIoT/2G, Wifi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, two RS-485 ports and one RS-232 port. In addition, the equipment also features two digital outputs and a voltage output adjustable from 0 to 10 V.

Authorized external devices read by CcMaster


A unique communications solution for energy and self-consumption applications.

The CcMaster allows not only to natively read clicMONITOR devices but also to read IEC and DLMS counters, control and read Modbus inverters and CcM devices for submetering, obtain information and command other devices through re-armers, relays, etc.

For all these reasons, CcMaster PRO becomes a unique communications solution for energy and self-consumption applications. And all this, following the clicMONITOR philosophy of quality, safety and minimization of the size of our products, being the most compact equipment on the market at the moment (1 DIN rail module).

CcMaster implements MODBUS RTU communications over TCP, Bluetooth, Wifi, Ethernet, RS-485 and RS-232. In addition, for NBIoT communications CcMaster implements the MQTT protocol, which is becoming the standard for communications between this type of equipment and energy management platforms.

CcMaster smart concentrator features

  • Compact design, single-module DIN rail.
  • Dual power supply system through the MAIN CcM devices (Network Analyzers), and/or through an external power supply (9-12V@2A), with automatic power system selector.
  • LiPo battery support for notifications and power failure events.
  • Native connection with PRICER CcM devices (Network Analyzers) through IDC connector.
  • Real time clock, with battery backup.
  • Historical recording and storage of readings of the connected equipment, as well as events related to the installation.
  • MQTT high-level communication protocol for connection to energy efficiency, IoT and SmartCity platforms.
  • Remote update system.
  • Signaling LEDs.
  • Cortex M0+ processor of the STM32 family, with FreeRTOS real-time operating system.


  • Wifi (802.11 b/g/n) with integrated antenna.
  • Ethernet Base 10/100M, para conexión de red cableada y expansiones Ethernet externas.
  • 2G/NBIoT con Micro-SIM y antena MMCX externa
  • Bluetooth Low Energy.

Field buses:

  • RS-485 Modbus: CcM PRINCIPALES (Network Analyzers).
  • RS-485 Modbus Ext: Isolated RS-485 port for connection to external equipment (PV inverters and other authorized equipment).
  • RS-232: Non-isolated RS-232 port for connection to electric meters.

Inputs and outputs:

  • 2 potential-free bistable relay outputs (230V@2A) for control of external elements
  • 1 salida de tensión continua regulable, de 0 a 10 V, para control de sistemas externos.

Click here to view the list of authorized external devices that CcMaster is currently capable of reading. Contact us if the device you are interested in acquiring data from is not on the list.

Gamma CcMaster

WIFI ok ok ok ok
CcM NATIVE BUS ok ok ok ok
Rs232 (DLMS y IEC) ok ok ok ok
Rs485 ModBUS RTU ok ok ok ok
NBIoT/2G x x ok ok
Ethernet x ok x ok
Digital Output x ok ok ok
Output 0-10V x x x ok

CcMaster Technical Specifications 
Maximum consumption2 W
Typical power supply12 VDC
ProcessorCortex M0+ STM32 family
CommunicationsVer tabla: Gama CcMaster ^
BusesRS-485 Modbus nativo,
RS-485 Modbus ext,
High level protocolMQTT,
OutputsVer tabla: Gama CcMaster ^
Enclosure materialPC/ABS ignífugo
AssemblyRail DIN (EN 60715)

Total dimensions62 x 18 x 89 mm

Environmental conditions 
Working altitude0…2000 m
Working temperature-20…+70 °C
Temperatura de almacenamiento-30...+85 °C
Relative humidity0...95 % a 45 °C

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