CcMaster Combox PPC

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Based on our CcMaster Combox PRO equipment, it includes the necessary software to regulate the generation system (Inverters) and adapt them to the maximum power setpoint according to the needs, whether it is an own or external command generated by the distribution system operator.

Certification EU Regulation 2016/631

The CcMaster ComBox PPC (Power Plan Controler) contains the active and reactive power acquisition and regulation software for photovoltaic installations with dynamic power control according to EU Regulation 2016/631*.

  • Active power control over the entire frequency range (MRPF)
  • Response times of less than 150ms
  • Reactive power control mode
  • Voltage control mode
  • Power factor control mode


*CcMaster ComBox PPC equipment is currently in the process of certification for compliance with NTS v2.1, the Spanish transposition of EU Regulation 2016/631, with a certifying entity. We are certifying our equipment for the most restrictive conditions, to operate in the least robust networks, requiring response times below 150ms.

General Characteristics

  • Operating System: Linux distribution customized by our engineers.
  • Processor: ARM®Cortex™-A8 Sitara AM3358BZCZA100, 1GHz, 2000MIPS TI
  • SGX530 Graphics Engine
  • Programmable real-time drive subsystem
  • Operating temperature range -40C to +85C
  • SDRAM Memory: 512MB DDR3L, 800MHZ
  • On-board flash: 4GB, 8-bit on-board MMC (eMMC)
  • SD/MMC connector for microSD
  • Power management: PMIC TPS65217C is used with a separate LDO to supply power to the system.
  • Debugging: 20-pin JTAG CTI serial connector optionally integrated
  • Power supply via miniUSB or DC jack
  • 5VDC external power supply via expansion connector
  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 client connectivity port: USB0 client mode access via miniUSB
  • User button for input/output reset
  • HDMI Type D video/audio interfaces
  • Expansion interfaces LCD, UART, eMMC

GENERAL Components

The CcMaster Combox by clicMONITOR, contains the MONSOLclic data acquisition software for monitoring, control and synchronization with the MONSOLclic servers of the data acquired from the monitoring systems.
The data acquisition software is developed under Python language which makes use of MySQL database. It has synchronization processes of the acquired data to the MONSOLclic servers as well as remote connection for maintenance and supervision.


The equipment has a 1400 mAh Lithium battery at 3.7V. The battery autonomy will depend on the workload of the equipment, but at least it can last 3.5 hours.

RTC Plate

clicMONITOR has incorporated into the smartlogger CcMaster Combox a RTC (Real Time Clock) module so that the equipment does not lose the date and time in case of power failure.

Watchdog Plate

clicMONITOR has developed a component that provides stability and reliability to the smartlogger CcMaster Combox , avoiding possible system crashes. The watchdog system restarts the CcMaster Combox smartlogger in case it suffers a specific blockage.


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