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Single-phase commercial Smart metering.

Single-phase commercial "Smart Meter" analyzer or meter. It measures the energy flowing through one or both phases of a single-phase or two-phase magnet, communicates via RS-485 cable, is self-powered and can be linked to the rest of the CcM devices. With an accuracy of 1% and up to 63 A, it can analyze all the electrical variables of a single-phase installation. It supports the extra CcM WiFi module for isolated installations. It can communicate, interrogate and power up to 6 secondary equipment (CcM1).


What is the function of the CcM2 smart meter?

The CcM2 smart metering is one of the devices of the CcM smart meter family, which is used to measure electrical parameters (voltage, current, energy, harmonic distortion, etc.) in single-phase installations with neutral or two-phase installations.

The Smart metering CcM family consists of a set of devices whose objectives are energy efficiency, power consumption, submetering and/or monitoring of electrical parameters in the switchboards of single-phase and three-phase installations, preferably housed in circuit breakers or differential switches to obtain multiple measurements at multiple points and be physically linked to each other by means of an RS-485 cable in a submetering design.

How does our Smart metering CcM2 work?

Specifically, the network analyzer CcM2 forsubmetering is part of the CcM family of devices known as "principal" (CcM4, and CcM2), as they have the dual function of acting as slaves of the general master (PLC or Windows/Linux PC, or CcMaster) within the main bus, and in turn can act as masters on the secondary bus commanding other devices of the CcM family, the CcM1(secondary) slaves.

¿Cómo se accede a los datos del smart energy control  CcM2?

The user will be able to access the data collected through direct communication with the smart metering CcM2 through an RS-485 connection, using the Modbus RTU protocol over TCP; or through one of the software tools offered free of charge.

There is the option of adding the CcM WiFi peripheral to obtain data through a WiFi network (see the CcM WiFi device manual, available on this website) and provide the device with wireless communications. The best way to configure a WiFi device of the CcM smart meter family is through the clicMONITOR App or by accessing the internal web of the WiFi device through its address (

How to connect the CcM2 Smart meters?

The combination and use of different devices of the CcM smart meter offer multiple configuration possibilities, depending on the most convenient in the installation scenario, either for domestic or industrial environment. Thus, it is possible to have a wired, wireless or mixed installation, connecting the different devices together to create communication buses establishing configurable master-slave hierarchies.

In the specific case of the CcM2 current meter for submetering, the device behaves similarly to a meter or network analyzer. Inserted directly into a three-phase circuit breaker, the device is connected in series with the consumption line, and records voltage, current, power and active and reactive energy values, as well as the harmonic distortion of each phase.

CcM2 Technical Specifications 
Maximum working intensity63 Arms
Measuring range of AC current[0.2 – 63] Arms
Frecuencia de medida50/60 Hz
Intensity measurement error< 0.5 % RD
Voltage measurement error< 0.2 % RD
Active energy measurement error< 1 % RD
Reactive power measurement error< 2 % RD
Communication protocolModbus RTU
Maximum consumption1 W
Typical power supply85 – 300 Vrms

Total dimensions36 x 46.4 x 32.7 mm
Comb dimensions5 x 12.6 x 3 mm

Environmental conditions 
Working altitude0…2000 m
Working temperature-25…+50 °C
Overvoltage category III (según IEC 61010-1 + IEC 61010-2-030)
Degree of protectionIP20
Degree of contamination2
Relative humidity0...95 % a 45 °C
Overcurrent protectionExternal device (circuit breaker or earth leakage circuit breaker)


Technical documentation

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