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Photovoltaic string current meter.

We are currently expanding our range of devices for individual monitoring of series of panels with the aim of achieving the highest measurement accuracy, not obstructing the current flow in order to simplify the installation and ensure a better performance of the installation. Thanks to its new connection concept and innovative measuring and manufacturing technology, this new device reduces both space and installation costs (CE / UL certified).


What is the CcM-Hall meter for photovoltaic arrays?

CcM-Hall is a measuring device designed to monitor the current flowing from the 1st or 2nd level busbar boxes to the inverters. Its design replaces the multi-phase electrical distribution busbar. We recommend that it be installed during the assembly of the 1st level busbar box.

CcM-Hall Current Meter Characteristics

It will be possible to customize (upon request) the division of the output busbar. Currently there are 8 inputs and a single busbar output for all of them. From the new design it will be possible to split the single pcb busbar to make different output configurations such as: 8 individual inputs versus 2 unified four string outputs or four 2 string busbar outputs or 8 individual outputs, etc.

Extension module CcM-Hall V

In order to obtain the individual voltage of each box and to be able to obtain the voltage drop by comparison between the voltage of the String box and the input voltage of the Inverter, the CcM-Hall V expansion module has been designed with a reading accuracy error of ±1% (FS) and also compatible with both poles.

Technical parameters of the CcM-Hall

  • Up to 32 channels per device (1 Master + 3 Slaves)
  • Measuring range +-20Adc per channel
  • Non-intrusive Hall effect measurement
  • Accuracy error of ±1% (FS) (14bits)
  • Compatible for 1000V and 1500V series
  • Up to 60 readings per minute
  • 2 isolated open/closed contact type digital inputs
  • 1 input for pt100 sensors
  • Puerto RS-485

CcM Technical Specifications
Number of channelsHasta 32 canales
Number of seriesHasta 64 series
Maximum current per channel35 A DC (2 series en paralelo)
Measuring current range± 20 A (Bajo pedido 50A)
Maximum voltage of the pole to be measuredHasta 1500V
Current measurement error± 1% (FS)
CommunicationsModbus RTU sobre RS-485
Digital inputs2
Analog Inputs1 (pt100)
Elevacion max.3500m SNM
Operating temperature rangemin. -40ºC, Max. 80ºC
Power supply24Vdc ± 10%


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