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clicMONITOR Solution for Public Lighting

The control, management, maintenance and implementation of energy efficiency policies in public lighting installations is one of the many practical applications of the clicMONITOR system thanks to the simplicity, versatility and ease of installation of our devices and the available communication resources. The clicMONITOR devices that are part of the Solution for Public Lighting, supervision and control of consumption as well as maneuvers in control panels are: Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Comunicaciones y maniobras

CcM Main

Network analyzers


Our intelligent CcMaster is a communications (Wifi and Gprs), actuation and data acquisition device that is self-powered by our main CcM network analyzers and complements each other in a compact, self-contained solution that is easy to install and takes up little space.

Reading of meters, CcM devices and any equipment using Modbus protocol.Direct Measurement Data Acquisition (World Patent)
NB/2G, Wifi, Ethernet, RS485, RS232Accuracy category B2 (1% error)
Protocols Modbus, IEC, DLMSMedida de Potencia, Energía activa, reactiva, aparente y factor de potencia total y por fase
2 digital outputsConfigurable hourly, minute or secondary data
1 adjustable output 0 - 10 VOvervoltage Category III
Occupies only 1 DIN rail in the control panelEasy installation without modifying switchboards, placed on circuit breakers or fuse bases.

Why use CcM equipment in a solution for consumption measurement and control of luminaires in control panels?

  • High measurement accuracy on main equipment (B2 certification), which replaces the need to question the company's tax accountant.
  • The CcMaster equipment allows the reading of meters with IEC and DLMS (Prime and Cervantes) protocols.
  • Application of energy efficiency policies and alarms on energy consumption, reactive or power consumption in real time.
  • Ease of installation, without modifying the existing panel or adding additional modules
  • Power and communications autonomy.
  • Versatility and scalability of native or outsourced solutions.
  • Compatibility with any other equipment using Modbus protocol.
  • Software tool to control consumption, program alarms, generate reports and facilitate switching on and off.
  • Monitoring of the entire installation through a single CcMaster Datalogger.
  • Reading and sending data in real time.


1) Direct reading of the electric company's meter. electricity company.

Only with our CcMaster is it possible to read meter data and send instantaneous data or the load curve. It can also send information from other devices via GPRS or WiFi (Gateway function) and be used as an intelligent PLC, to switch on, switch off or dim LED luminaires. *Depending on the combination of functionalities, it may be necessary to include an external 12V power supply.

Zone A and B correspond to equipment that is not clicMONITOR CcM

2) Obtaining and communication of all electrical variables in real time.

It has the same accuracy as the fiscal meter, and you can also obtain its load curve and compare the measurement data obtained every second with the same accuracy. It is the typical solution composed of our CcMaster and our CcM2/CcM4 meters. The native interaction of the equipment allows self-powering, acquisition and sending of data from complementary equipment, programming and
management of alarms and on/off in real time, automation of processes, regulation of luminaires and fast and effective maintenance of incidents.

Data bus and power supply

Data bus principal equipment

Data bus and power supply to secondary equipment

Data bus of non-CcM equipment clicMONITOR


  • Individual measurement of each of the consumption lines or streets.
  • Using main, anomalous consumption detection and failure detection by luminaires.
  • Using secondaries, detection of anomalous consumption.

Control: On/off. Voltage regulation (0-10 V):

In addition:

  • Their simplicity and design allow savings in installation and maintenance costs.
  • Because of their adaptability, the CcM2/CcM4 meters can be connected to an existing intelligent system in the control panel (Modbus communication) to obtain electricity consumption without additional installations and without the need for an external source.
  • Due to their versatility, they can obtain information from any other equipment located in the control panel to send the information in a unique way and in real time.
  • Due to their scalability, they allow a complete solution by introducing a greater number of network analyzers or current meters to apply energy efficiency policies and monitor up to 100% of the consumption per line in a simple and economical way.

Data bus and power supply

Data bus principal equipment

Data bus of non-CcM equipment clicMONITOR

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