CcM App for monitoring

It is an Android application that facilitates the search and configuration of WiFi devices through a cell phone, being able to save histories, link them to the local WiFi network, locate them physically and configure them.

clicMONITOR App for Android, allows all devices with WiFi and Internet connection:

  • Read instantaneous data in local mode (within the phone's WiFi range) without creating a user (every 1 second).
  • Store data in internal memory (3 months) in case of loss of connection to the server.
  • Find configured CcMs (within the Local WiFi network and not configured (AP mode) within the range of the phone's WiFi.
  • Create users to view historical data (every 10 seconds).
  • Parameterization/Historical data settings (10s, 1min, 15min, 30min, 1h, 1 day)
  • Display graphs and history of power, energy and P.F. and in turn by specific dates, date range and months.
  • Configure the WiFi connection mode (Cloud, FTP or Gateway).
  • Link the CcM device to the user's router.
  • Assign the CcM device to another user or appoint a supervisor (Share data with another user).
  • Geographically locate each CcM device.
  • Add photos and notes about the installation.
  • Configuration of automatic/manual mode of connection between the smartphone and the WiFi of the CcM device.
  • Visualization of the complete WEB catalog of CcM devices.
  • Link from the App to the WEB User Module (Login)
  • Remote firmware upgrade.
  • Create or group devices by groups (panels, buildings, etc).
  • Configuration and reading of temperature probes or Pt100 inputs.
  • Configuration and reading of Water and Gas meters (Pulse Inputs).
  • Configuration and reading of digital inputs/outputs.
  • Configuration and reading of high current transformers up to 10,000 A.
  • Set the meter device to unidirectional or bi-directional measurement mode.
  • Change the current direction symbol (energy consumed or generated).
  • Manual switching on and off of contactors, relays and remote resetters.
  • Loss of internet or connection alarm.
  • Alarm of power delays in the 3 phases.
  • Overvoltage and undervoltage alarm.
  • Voltage loss and recovery alarm.
  • Consumption timer with instantaneous power measurement (maximum and minimum) and total energy consumed.

With a monthly fee:

  • Read PV inverters in self-consumption or other PLCs.
  • Disaggregate consumption of household appliances.
  • Report malfunctioning appliances.
  • Mains frequency out of set range alarm (Hz)
  • Reactive power alarm (cosine of Phi)
  • Alarm of ruptures or anomalies in historical electricity consumption patterns.
  • Power alarm below the set value in time.
  • Power alarm above the set value in time.
  • Power alarm below the set value in time.
  • Alarm of energy above the set value in time.
  • Alarm on external conditions (temperature and pulse meter).
  • Alarm on absolute totals (pulses and energy).
  • Alarm on partials over time (pulses and energy)
  • Individual and/or group configuration of alarms, hierarchies and user-friendly interface.
  • Programmable actuations in the on and off time of relays, contactors and resetters.
  • Pre-programmed performances on sunset and sunrise (according to geographic location, winter/summer time).
  • Programmable actions on maximums or minimums (temperature, energy, power, pulses) over time.
  • Programmable actions on external impulses (digital signals).
  • Programmable actions on external information (RS-485 input - Energy and Power inverters or temperature probes).

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