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Know your consumption: With clicMONITOR you will know where, when and what you are consuming in your electrical installation.
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Nothing can be improved if it cannot be measured. We want to help you improve your life and the lives of your loved ones by taking care of measuring the energy.
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What is our CcM equipment?

Energy efficiency tools


The CcM energy measurement devices are easily installed in circuit breakers and allow to know all the electrical parameters of the current flowing through them with the same accuracy of a domestic meter. They are direct measurement current analyzers. 


They are designed to measure or submeter electrical panels without taking up space and without wires, with a simple and economical installation, thanks to its worldwide patented design and allowing the customer to have individual control of their consumption.

Our system can be installed in a single metering point and/or multiple metering points per electrical panel giving the total consumption in the general magnet or fragmented consumptions divided by each phase.

The CcM equipment forms an electronic system composed of electrical metering and communications equipment that are combined together to measure electricity consumption and send this measurement to the customer's cloud.

Our CcM communications equipment (Smartlogger and Datalogger) are designed to interact with and collect measurements from both our CcM meters and other measuring equipment of other brands or other electronic equipment that can communicate.

They are intelligent and can act or be remote-controlled, managing loads or switching on and off consumption and others.

They are designed to provide specific solutions in the sector solarstreet lighting, remote management or energy efficiency.

All CcM smart energy metering systems are certified by the European Union.

They are easy to install and can be removed at any time while maintaining the appropriate safety conditions.
We offer a catalog of smart meters for purchase through our phone number or email.
Our CcM meters communicate via MODBUS and RS-485 and are compatible with all market standards.
More than 200 measurement points can be generated in one frame under the same system.
We are the only submetering system with B2 measurement certificate and category III.

Through the CcM equipment, the user will be able to know where, when and what he consumes in his installation, with highly accurate instantaneous values.

In this section you can access our complete catalog of energy and current meters (CcM family) with domestic or industrial application.
Tools or software necessary to facilitate the correct installation of the CcM equipment and the subsequent visualization of the data.
Some practical examples of where and what to use our CcM measurement devices for and in which sectors or businesses their use is most evident.
Videotutorials explaining in an easy and simple way how to install the CcM equipment in the MCBs and how to connect and synchronize them with each other.
Scada Web
Web platform on its own server that offers a free hosting service for the data collected by the CcM devices, processing and visualization.
Access to the download page for files, manuals and videos that will help you in the installation and configuration process of our devices.

Why clicMONITOR?

Nothing can be improved if it cannot be measured

Gracias a su diseño retrofit cualquier usuario puede aplicar las políticas de eficiencia energética en edificios y viviendas. Nuestro propósito es popularizar esta acción, ayudando de esta manera a reducir emisiones y ser partícipes en el control del cambio climático. Por eso somos especialistas en Medidores de energía inteligentes y Submetering.

We have designed and developed this family of devices to comply with the Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency. It establishes a set of binding measures to help the EU achieve its goal of increasing the energy efficiency of cities by 20%.

These devices are designed so that existing switchboards do not have to be modified. They adapt to most systems and installations, including older switchboards.

Eficaz en cualquier lugar

Effective anywhere

It is active on five continents with more than 2GW of monitored power worldwide.

Scada Web clicMONITOR

Scada Web clicMONITOR

Free hosting service for the data collected by the CcM smart metering systems, as well as their processing and visualization.

Variedad de soluciones

Variety of solutions

We have a variety of solutions or applications for different cases using the CcM Equipment.

Scada Web

Free hosting service of the data collected by the CcM smart meters, as well as their processing and visualization.

It is possible to link the CcM to users and register both users and new equipment for remote control and visualization.
The functionalities are similar to those provided by our App but in web format. This is in order to carry out a deeper study of the graphs and data from the devices.

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